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The tests to observe the degradation capacity in nature of our Bio-Cello products have been conducted in the USA. The biodegradation capacity has been certified according to the ASTM D5511 protocol, an internationally recognized method to assess the biodegradation of plastic inputs. Why are Bio-Cello films degradable? Plastic films are made of carbon which is a microbial food by nature. The problem is that without a bio treatment microorganisms may take tens of years to penetrate the film’s core and start digesting carbon to start the biodegradation stage. To make the process faster the Bio-Cello films are treated with additives that speed up the process considerably reducing the time needed for degradation. It’s important to stress that Bio-Cello products DO NOT generate microplastics, one of the main polluting agents in oceans, nor are they oxo-biodegradable, which is when degradation only occurs in an aerobic environment (in the presence of oxygen). Bio-Cello products are biodegraded in an anaerobic environment, without the presence of oxygen, such as a in landfills where the vast majority of plastics that are not recycled are disposed of. On top of that Bio-Cello films are recyclable where recycling facilities are available making them a very friendly option for our planet.

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