Is It Cellophane?

Even after years of training it is almost impossible to determine if a film is actual cellophane by just looking at it. The scientific and correct way would be to have a lab with the appropriate instruments to make an accurate decision.

Since most of us don’t have lab or the time to send the film to analyze here is a couple of suggestions that can help you determine if the film you are holding is actual cellophane. First we need to remember that most cellophane products do not have a memory. In other words, if you fold cello (polypropylene) it will come back to its original form. Cello films have what we call memory. Cellophane or cellulose products do not. If you fold a piece of cellophane it will remain folded, like paper.

Another way of finding out is by lighting a match to it. For legal reasons we need to advise you that if you are going to try this method take all precautions necessary. Cellodepot, inc. is not responsible for any injuries or damages you may cause to yourself, property or others. Use a very small piece of cellophane and have water or a fire extinguisher close by. Being cellophane a wood derivate product the film will burn like a paper leaving a black burnt paper like residue. If the film is cello or any other film it will shrink and tend to disappear.

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