After more than 100 years of the creation of cellophane people still associate any plastic film in the market with it. It was the first transparent film created and it opened up a vast array of possibilities for the packaging markets. After centuries of wrapping products in paper packaging marketers had a new tool to package their products showing what was inside of the package. It is very common to hear people still calling cellophane any clear film they find in a supermarket or any other store.

As time passed a whole new generation of new transparent films like polypropylene, polyethylene and others were discovered and started competing in many areas like clarity, durability permeability and especially in price.

The truth is most of the films used today are not cellophane.

There are many reasons why cellophane went from being the best and only clear film in the market to being used only in specific applications. The most common reason is its price. Depending on what substitute film is used cellophane can be twice, three times or sometimes even a lot more than three times more expensive. Some other reasons are that cellophane is made out of wood pulp or cotton while most new films are made from less expensive sources. The process of manufacturing cellophane is very tedious taking approximately eighteen hour since the process starts until the film comes out. All in all cellophane is still a very noble film and it’s still used in products that cannot use a substitute film like very hot products, tobacco products and some scented products among others.


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